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Allow me to coach YOU into a High-Performance Lifestyle Investor too

Hi there! Justin Donald here.

I want to talk to you about something very special…

Lifestyle Investor Private Coaching

It’s a private, exclusive, and personal coaching program that’ll turn you into a High-Performance Lifestyle Investor.

This program is for people who are serious about becoming a lifestyle investor, and who want to build their very own cashflow-driven portfolio.

I’ll help you to attract, evaluate, filter, negotiate, and optimize an investment portfolio that allows you to grow your wealth and passive income.

You’ll be able to maintain a balanced lifestyle, with financial freedom, all without needing to work a job.

Learn the Lifestyle Investor System

Not only will you gain access to opportunities, you’ll learn the Lifestyle Investor system that consistently delivers repeatable results. This will serve you for the rest of your life.

The results this coaching program brings are exceptional and this exclusive community is available for only a limited number of highly vetted, successful and like-minded people.

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financial mastery

In our private coaching, we’ll be working together on an array of areas to ensure you achieve financial mastery.

Here’s a breakdown of the areas you can expect us to focus on in our Private Coaching together:

Creating A Plan and Vision for Your Portfolio That’s Compatible with Your Lifestyle and Values
VALUE: $20,000

How to Protect Your Assets from Predators, Maximize Tax Savings, and Leverage Unique, Exotic and Safe Strategies to Keep More of What You Make
VALUE: $30,000

Insider Deals: How to Create Dealflow, Attract Opportunities and Network with Dealmakers
VALUE: $20,000

Curated Deals: From my 1000 deals I will distill it down to the top 20-25 that I invest in a given year. This is great for you if you don’t have the time to review all the deals but want to get my “stamp of approval” on the ones I’m most interested in.
VALUE: $30,000

Structure: How to Reframe and Negotiate Any Opportunity to Maximize Immediate Cash Flow, Protect Your Principal, Increase Your Equity, and Get Bigger Kickers and Better Terms
VALUE: $30,000

Capital: How to Gain Leverage and Reduce Risk; Find, Multiply and Optimize New or Existing Capital; Get Introduced to VCs, Private Equity Firms, Bankers, Agency Lenders and Conduit Lenders
VALUE: $20,000

How to Create Time: Creative Ways to Increase Your Efficiency and Delegate or Eliminate Jobs and Tasks
VALUE: $20,000

Access: How to Meet Vetted, Referral-Only Business Specialists and Vendors to Help You Implement Successfully
VALUE: $30,000

Connections, Community and Ecosystem: Introductions to Exclusive High-Value Investors and Networks. This alone is worth 10x your investment.
VALUE: $30,000

Monthly Strategy Deep Dive: Every Month we go Deep on an Alternative Investment Strategy Including how to Implement it Step by Step Plus the Resources to Make it Happen.
VALUE: $30,000

Investor IQ: How to Master the Vocabulary You Need to Access Investors, Thought Leaders and Opportunities
VALUE: $20,000

Resources: How to Create Instant Momentum With Templates, Documents, Forms and Blueprints From Trusted Sources You Can Model for Any Deal or Situation, So That You’re Never Starting From Scratch
VALUE: $100,000

Opportunity Compass: How to Spot Invisible Deals and Non-Obvious Money-Making Business Opportunities or Partnerships
VALUE: $20,000

Exit Prep: How to Escape Your Day-to-Day Job, Prepare Your Business for a Sale or Acquisition, and Find and Vet a Right-Fit Buyer
VALUE: $20,000

Elevated Experiences: Enjoy Exclusive Visits with Entrepreneurs, Founders and CEOs from My Portfolio, Attend Deal Meetings and Advisory Sessions.
VALUE: $30,000

...And Whatever Else We Dream Up Together!

We’ll customize all of these areas for you and your business so you build a toolkit that you can use over and over again.

And to implement all of the strategies I give you, we’ll be using a proven action plan to get you the best results.

Starting At



Here’s what you can expect:


Creating a Personalized Blueprint: A 90-Minute Strategy Session to Establish Your One-Year Goals and Clarify Your Investment Vision

What to Do and How to Do It: A Plan and Vision for Your Financial Freedom and a Strategy to Compound Your Wealth


Your First Deal: Finding, Reviewing and Preparing You for Your First Investment Following the Principles, Core Values and 10 Commandments, So That You Have Cashflow ASAP

Clarity and Confidence: A Personalized Walkthrough of Real-World Scenarios, Opportunity Reviews, Guidance and Advice From Over 100 Unique Investment Strategies

Monthly Strategy Deep Dive: Every Month we go Deep on an Alternative Investment Strategy, Including how to Implement it Step by Step. Plus, the Resources to Make it Happen.

Introductions And Access: Get Access to my Personal Rolodex of Investment, Tax, and Legal Advisors. Meet Business Specialists, Service Professionals, and Vendors to Create Momentum and Structure Great Deals

Resources: Access to My Exact Contract Language in Each of my Deals That I Have Spent Years Crafting with my Attorneys (this one benefit alone will save you over $100,000 in legal fees). Access to Tools, Templates and Documents to Structure Great Deals, Protect Your Assets, and Plan Your Upside and Exit


Insider Deals: Gain Exposure to Additional Dealflow, Opportunities and Connections. Every Year, I See Over 1,000 deals. Many of these you will never hear about from mainstream media and so called investment newsletters. You’ll Have an Opportunity to Evaluate and Participate in as Many Deals as You Care to See.

Managing Cash Flow: Structuring Your Investments for Optimal Tax Efficiency and Reinvesting is the Key to Financial Freedom. My Goal is to Generate Cash Flow from My Investments Within the First Month or Quarter and Earn Your Principal Back Quickly.

Mindset And Modelling: Me and My Network Can Help You Avoid The “Stupid Tax”, Avoid Making Expensive Mistakes, Teach You How to Manage Your Fears, and Help You Become a Great Lifestyle Investor.

Money-Focused Time, Efficiency And Lifestyle Optimization: The First Commandment of Lifestyle Investing is to Never Create a Job for Yourself and Achieve Financial Freedom. Every Monthly Coaching Session Will Include Time, Energy and Money-Saving Strategies to Help You Earn More, Live More and Give More.

Connections & Community: As You Evolve As An Investor, So Will My Introductions to Sophisticated People, Groups and Environments, Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Your Deals.

Elevated Experiences: Enjoy Exclusive Visits with Entrepreneurs, Founders and CEOs from My Portfolio, Attend Deal Meetings and Advisory Sessions.

This action plan will ensure you succeed and take away any overwhelm you may face.

To summarize

The Lifestyle Investor Private Coaching

The Lifestyle Investor Private Coaching is a high-level personalized coaching program filled with abundance-minded people, filled with real-world, actionable strategies and tactics that’ll turn you into a true Lifestyle Investor to produce cash flow and financial freedom.

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You’ll learn the best strategies and get the best connections in the business direcly from the source.

So if you’re ready, you can become one of a select few to work with me in the Lifestyle Investor Private Coaching program by clicking the button below: